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Happy Mind.
Happy Life.

Individual Counseling for kids, teens, & young adults. 


About Me

Hi there! I'm Julianne, I love helping kids, teens, and adults work through

anxiety, depression, and life stressors better so they can thrive

in young adulthood and beyond.

I decided to become a counselor to help young people navigate through life easier. I understand how hard it can be to want to find a reliable support system but don't know where to turn. That's why I chose to dedicate my life to create a safe space for young people to do just that. My focus is on using a whole-person approach to manage anxiety, tackle depression, and move through life stressors better. 

I believe the relationship between me and my client should always come first. Having a safe space to feel heard and understood, always having non-judgement, understanding and healing past wounds, and reconnecting to your best self is my priority for my clients. 

Wanna work with me?

Text me today at (813) 445-3313 to schedule your free phone consultation.

My Services


Adult Counseling

Shifting into young adulthood can be overwhelming. Relationships? College? Family? Career?.... Life is going in so many different directions and having a support person to help you navigate through can make it less stressful. I'm here when you need someone in your corner. 


Teen Counseling

Teenage years are tough! So many aspects of life are shifting, big emotions are happening, and it's hard to figure out how to make time for school, friends, and family... along with taking care of yourself! Having someone on your team can definitely make this transition easier. I love helping teens to navigate life, figure out their dreams and priorities, and prepare for young adulthood.


Children Counseling

Kids are facing a whirlwind of new emotions, feelings, and experiences at every turn. It can be overwhelming, but I'm here to help you. If you think your child may be struggling or could possibly just benefit from having someone new and trustworthy to talk to, reach out today.


"Thank you so much for everything, you definitely have a gift and I'm so glad we found you. You have helped so much and I'm forever grateful!"

Client T

"Thank you so much for all you are doing for us, I appreciate every session. I am so proud of her progress and thanks to you! She loves you!"

Client B

"I don't feel alone anymore in this situation and I'm sure she either because we have been receiving a lot of tools from you! Thank you sooo much!"

Client J

Have questions? I'd be happy to help. Contact me today.

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